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There is still some room left for this weekends class.




Artist Corner:

Welcome to the inaugural issue of “Painting Bug News” where you will find information on upcoming classes, Painting tips and other topics of interest.

Along with this newsletter several other changes have taken place for the Painting Bug.   First, the location of the studio has moved.  It is now located at 1049, Raymond Rd. Ballston Spa NY 12020.   Raymond Rd is just about a mile off Northway exit 12 going west on Rt 67, just past the Double M Ranch or up Route 50 and east on Rt 67, just after the red light at Stewarts.  The studio is about a mile up Raymond Rd on the left.  Right now there’s a big paint brush on the mailbox to make it easy to spot.

Another new change is, of course, the Website.   The new website will make it easy to register for upcoming classes.   To register for a class just click on the title of the painting.  You’ll be directed to the registration form with the option to pay locally (at the class) or pay using paypal.   If you have trouble signing up for a class send me an email.  We are still working out some bugs so please be patient.

My business cards have a new look.  In addition to the address change, the back of the card pertains to the new Referral Program.  Give this card to a new student and you’ll both receive $10 off your next class.  You don’t have to take the same class.

If you have any questions regarding the new changes or anything else related to the Painting Bug and/or Bob Ross contact me by email, or phone 518-852-9160.

Happy Painting,



Painting Tips:   Highlighting Bushes

  • Use enough liquid white or thinner to help the paint stick to the thicker undercolor.  
    “A thinner paint sticks to a thicker paint.”
  • The paint should come off the brush easily with a gentle push.   If it doesn’t you may not have enough paint on the brush or not enough liquid white or thinner.   The harder you push the more apt you’ll be to mix the highlight and dark color together which will muddy the color.
  • Don’t go over the same spot more than once or twice.   The more you go over one area the more you’ll get muddy colors.
  • Wipe the brush off every time you reload it. This will help the highlight color stay bright.  Otherwise the dark color in the brush will contaminate the highlight color and make it muddy.
  • Leave some of the dark color showing through.  It creates depth.

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