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There is still some room in this weekends class.

This weeks class will focus on how to paint a background without overblending and how to use just a few brush strokes to create the illusion of many petals.   



Artist Corner:


What's coming up?

Due to everyone's busy summer classes for June - August will remain twice monthly.

Fall classes:
Plans are to incorporate more classes in the schedule.

More Floral and Wildlife classes and I'm currently working on paintings of area locations in the Bob Ross style.

Couple class: Both partners take turns painting on one canvas.

Round Robin: Everyone starts out with a canvas and paints the first step. After each step the canvas is passed to the next person who paints the next step. The canvas is painted in this way until the painting is finished. This will be a fun class for private parties and a good team building class for groups and corporations.

Happy Painting,




Painting Tips: The Bob Ross Palette Knife

The Bob Ross palette knife comes in 2 different sizes, Large-#10 and Small-#5. The large is used most often.
Mountain highlights and shadows, cabins, tree trunks, rocks, water lines and sometimes whole paintings are done using the knife.
The knife is always loaded the same way. Flatten out the paint as flat as you can get it using your finger on the blade to get the most pressure. Place the knife into the flattened paint at a 90 degree angle and pull down about an inch. You need to get an even roll of paint on the end of the knife. If the paint isn't flat enough you'll probably get a large uneven roll. It's most important to have a small, even roll of paint on the knife for doing the mountain highlights and shadows. It's also important for the water lines that a small even roll of paint is used. For getting in small areas I use either the small knife or the short end of either knife. I almost always use the small knife when putting in water lines. It seems to give me better control but you should use whichever one is most comfortable for you.
Don't let the knife intimidate you. With practice and patience you'll see a big difference in your overall painting.

Quote of the Day:

“We begin with paint and brush. The object is to capture the dream quickly, while it is still alive."   ---Bob Ross

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